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4:06CM,1-eu-central-1-prod-fleet01-xythos.content.blackboardcdn.comBRITISHIntegrated Design ExerciseTotal load of the structure is spread evenly over the entire area of the structure.Deep foundations are those founding deeply below the finished ground surface from their base bearing capacity to be affected by surface conditions, and it is usually at depths more than 3m below finished ground level. Deep foundation includes pies, piers, and caisson foundation.Pile Foundation:He foundation is the most common type of deep foundation, they ore used to reduce cost and when as per soil condition considerations, it kinder loads to soil strata which are beyond the reach of shallow foundations. Pile is a slender member with a small cross-sectional area. It is used to transfer foundation loads to a deeper soil or rock strata when the bearing capacity of soil near the surface is low. Pile transfer loads either by skin friction or bearing, and also used to resist structures against uplift and provide structures stability against lateral and overturning forces.Pier Foundation:Pier is on underground structure that transfers heavier load which cannot be transferred by shallow foundations. Pier are shallower than pile foundations, and pier is a cylindrical structural member which transfer heavy load from superstructure to the soil by end bearing.Page 133 of 461Integrated Design ExerciseRetaininA retaining well holds soil back to create an abrupt change in the elevation of the ground. A retaining well resist the pressure of the earth that bears against it on the uphill side. it can be made of masonry. preservative-heated wood. coated or galvanized steel. precast concrete or mostly commonly used is site cast concrete. There are different ways of building retaining walls. for walls less than 3 feet (900mm) in height, simple unreinforced walls of camas types are appropriate. For taller walls, and where it is subjected to unusual leanings or groundwater, the most frequently employed is the cantilevered concrete. 5713/T GWYN V151/1 VEVrAl MOM CANIII.Snal WAILFigure 26: Types of retaining wolfs.MOR0GSTAI ‘NMThese are three types of simple retaining walls. they are used for height that doesn’t exceed 3 feel (900mm). r.r:r Figure 27: Reinforced concrete and RC masonry.Page 134 of 461


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