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AssignmentRationale and expectations: This assignment weighs 100% of the assessment weighting for this module. and covers all learning outcomes.Students will be asked to design and develop a UI based on a UX scenario, using appropriate UX design principles, and develop a 3000-word report to demonstrate knowledge and understanding of UX design principles and practical approaches.Students will have access to formative feedback on each task set in workshops, thereby helping them to refine their approach to the summative tasks that have been set. Deliverables Report — 3000 words [100%] You will demonstrate critical appraisal of the UX theories required for the design and implementation of a prototype system for the WorldCraftYou are also required to implement a full lifecycle UX analysis and design, utilising Jesse James Garrett’s methodology for designing digital products.ScenarioWorldCraft Limited is an online shopping store looking to design and develop an up-to-date system to effectively cater for the needs of their growing business. Due to the rapid increase of online education and to stay ahead of its competitors, the company has decided to improve the layout of its existing system in order to improve learners online experience.For the purpose of this assignment, you are required to improve the end users’ journey for the following online services, you must also consider the website, mobile and iPad-friendly design.• Customer Signup • Customer/Admin login • Customer search for products • Customer buying history • Customer payments • Customer profile • Admin Login • Admin search for all Customers • Admin viewing all orders


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