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CM,1-eu-central-1-prod-fleet01-xythos.content.blackboardcdn.comBRITISHIntegrated Design ExerciseShallow f oundations also called as ‘spread footings’ which includes strip, raft, and pad. Shallow foundations are found near to the finished ground surface, generally the founding depth is less than the width of the fooling and less than 2m. Shallow foundations are used when surface soils are strong and stiff to support the imposed loads, they are not recommended to be used in weak or highly compressible soils such as poorly-compacted till, peak recent Waistline. and alluvial deposits.Isolated Spread Fooling:It is considered the most common and a simple type of foundation and also an economical type of foundation. Isolated spread footing is used for ordinary Wirings. and generally for buildings up to five stories. Isolated footing consists of fooling at the base of the column. Isolated fooling is an independent footing, each column has its own fooling.The footing transfers the loads from the column io the soil. Isolated fooling can be rectangular, square or circular in shape. Footing size can be calculated by dividing the total load at the column base by the allowable bearing capacity of the soil. The reason why it is considered economical because the load of the structure is low, columns are not closely placed, and the bearing capacity of the soil is high at a shallow depth.Wall Footing or Strip Footing:Wall fooling or ship footing is used to distribute loads of structural load-bearing walls fo the ground. It runs along the direction of the wall, and the width of the well foundation is about 2 – 3 limes of the width of the wall.Page 131 of 061Integrated Design ExerciseWall footing or strip footing is a continuous slab strip along the length of the wall. Brick, stone. and reinforced concrete is used for The construction of well foundation.Combined Footing:Combined footing is similar to the isolated footing. The columns of the structure are closely placed, and the bearing capacity of the soil is low, and their footing overlap each other. Combined footing is made for more Than a column, they can be rectangular, tee-shaped or trapezoidal shape. Combined footing is used for the uniform dishibution of loads under the entire area of footing, which means it is important to coincide the center of gravity of the footing area with the center of gravity of the total loads.Cantilever or Shop FooHng:In cantilever or shop footing, the footings under the columns are built individually and connected by strap beam. The edge of the footing cannot be extended beyond the properly line the exterior footing is connected by strap beam with interior footing.Raft or Mat Foundation:Mat or raft foundation is used when shallow foundation pile foundation is not suitable. It is recommended when the bearing capacity of the soil is poor, and the load of the structure is distributed over a large area or structure is subjected to shocks or jerks. It is consisted of a reinforced concrete slab or T-beam slab placed over the entire area of The structure.Page 132 of 461


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