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Scenario: Mary is a new supervisor in the Accounts Payable department at ACME. Her team’s engagement scores are well below last year’s results. The backlog of unprocessed invoices has grown to 630. The Operations Director is complaining that suppliers have put ACME on credit hold and won’t deliver raw materials. On-time delivery to end customers is deteriorating as Operations cannot produce without the raw materials. The Accounts Payable team has been on mandatory overtime for 2 months and associates are calling in sick. A new computer system was implemented in January that the team says makes their jobs more difficult. They also complain that approval is slow for indirect spend invoices. Instructions: Given the case above 1. Fill out the tree diagram identifying symptoms, potential causes and problem (7 min) 2. Articulate the Problem Statement in terms of TAGS (5 min) 3. Determine Mary’s Rationale for solving this problem (3 min) 4. Create a Trend Chart (8 min) 5. Is this a Caused or Created problem? (2 min)4325 minutesDebrief 10 min SEE NEXT SLIDE FOR DATA2020 Danaher Corporation-Conlidenbal


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