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universityofmanitoba.desire2learn.comHow to ProceedBuilding on your analysis andproposal from Assignment 1, developyour investment proposal businesscase draft: Create a title page with theproject proposal names andauthor identificationCalculate the bond yield to utilizeas your required returnPrepare a summary narrative (i.e.,a detailed description) of eachproposal with detailed elementson the initial investment as wellas the costs/revenues over thelife of each of the projects.Identify which revenues andcosts are relevant to youranalysis, and which costs areirrelevant. Identify the timehorizon for each investment.Calculate the after-tax cash flowsduring the life of each of theprojects. Be sure to identify thetotal costs of ownership anddeduct those costs from thebenefits to arrive at the net cashinflow per year.3Utilizing the after-tax cash flowsfrom Part 4, evaluate eachinvestment proposal utilizing thefollowing criteria (unless directedotherwise)a. changes in paymentsfrom beginning ofperiod to end;b. Payback;c. Discounted payback;d. NPV:e. Profitability index.Clearly indicate whether any ofthe above criteria support each ofthe project proposals, and whatthe company should ultimatelydecide to do.


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