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Final Project – SYDE3203  Due Date: Friday, December 8th by 11:00PM  Applicable Resources: o Textbook, PowerPoints, Rubric (to be posted), Previous Work  Required/Applicable Software: o Microsoft Project 2013 o Microsoft Word o Microsoft Visio o Visual Studio  Groups – Choose Your Own – 4 People Per Group  Submission – One Per Group, Digital and Hard Copies Welcome to your final project for SYDE3203. Instead of being assigned a business case, in this project your group will decide what it is you will plan to create. What this means is you must find a particular problem worth solving. This may be in the realm of business or philanthropy. Once your group decides on a direction you will be tasked with designing your system in the form of requirements documentation seen in SYDE2203 as well as this class. You need to produce a printed report and with the following:  Cover page and an accurate table of contents  An introductory memo that conveys in plain English your understanding of the business problem(s). How did your group go about building that understanding? Be sure to explain why the system you are thinking of building would provide value, to how and how.  Use Case Diagrams: Create a use case diagram or diagrams depicting the different functionalities and actors of your proposed system.  Activity Diagrams & Use Case Descriptions: o Choose 5 user functionalities that would be present in the system you proposed  Detailed Activity Diagrams for Each Process  Related Use Case Descriptions, Clearly Matching the Activity Diagrams  Class Diagram: A highly detailed, in-depth class diagram demonstrating the logical structure of the overall system including any attributes, operations and relationships.  Method Specifications: Generate specifications for the two or three most critical methods that would be present in your solution.  Communication Diagrams: Create two communication diagrams to depict how elements of your system collaborate to implement your use case(s). Behavioural State Machine: Create two behavioural state machine diagrams to depict changes a single object would endure during its life in response to other events in the system.  CRUDE Analysis: Using a grid to illustrate objects interacting, depict CRUDE capabilities/requirements between each and every identified object in your system where applicable.  Initial Project Plan: Select one of two options – o Traditional WBS – In this option you will generate an MS Project file, broken down into SDLC phases and detailed out with tasks you’ve identified as being essential to the adequate completion of your designed project. o Agile User Stories – Alternatively, in this option your group will be required to generate a ‘Backlog’ of features to be implemented. Since this report is handed in with a physical copy, there are some formatting requirements: 1. Utilize the normal margins. 2. Times New Roman, Size 12, Double-Spaced 3. Diagrams must display on one page, utilize page layout if necessary. If a diagram must span multiple pages, ensure it is large enough to be easily read and clearly guides the reader to the next section. 4. Do not include Gantt charts in your print out. Everything will be compiled into a single document which is to be submitted electronically as well as in hard-copy. I have a treasure chest of binders, folios, etc. that you can use to deliver your final report, but you must come for it well in advance of the due date as I will not provide them as of the final week of class.


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