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MATH22558 Integral Calculus Fall 2017 Project The purpose of your project is for you to explore a topic in mathematics where calculus has substantial use. You will also explore the application of the topic to an applied context related to your program. The project also involves solving a set of problems related to the topic you have explored in the body of the project. Theory (70%) You should build the theory portion of your report on what you have learned in the math courses you have been taking at Sheridan, including MATH17688 (Mathematics 1), MATH13406 (Applied Mathematics), MATH22981 (Differential calculus) and MATH22558 (Integral Calculus). Any additional material you need in order to begin or complete your project must be included and discussed within the report. Special attention is paid to the consistency of the derivation of formulae and concepts in your report. Once the mathematical foundations are laid in a proper way, you need to introduce the topic you have been assigned from your program where the mathematical concepts you have explored are applied. It is important you support your derivations and conclusions by real world engineering applications. Problem Solving (30%) You will apply the mathematical topic developed in your project to a given set of problems which you have been assigned by your instructor. Evaluation: The report should consist of: – A cover page including Student Name, Title, Date and Abstract – Thorough discussion of the mathematical topic, including the underlying concepts and derivations – Introduction to the engineering application relevant to your program, assigned by your instructor. Examples of the application of the concepts should be included – A detailed solution of the problems assigned by your instructor, showing all relevant calculations – Bibliography of all cited sources. The evaluation is based on the complexity and thoroughness of the study, as well as the rigor of method and accuracy of results. Late submissions will be subject to 10% loss per day of the total mark, including Saturdays and Sundays. The project must be typed and should be submitted in both electronic format and hard copy. The deadline for submission of the project is 5:00 pm Wednesday of Week 12. Page 1 of 1


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