ACCT 2288 Financial Advisory Practice- Certified Financial Planner


This assessment requires you to develop and present a compliant Statement of Advice (SOA) based on the case study provided. You are required to read carefully the assignment (Case Study), which requires the preparation and submission of a compliant Statement of Advice (SOA) and address the questions and tasks relating to the key case issues, the clients’ goals and objectives, the impact of new financial planning
legislation, preparation of a risk tolerance questionnaire and client questionnaire.

You are a Certified Financial Planner (CFP) who has been approached by a married couple seeking advice in relation to their pre-retirement planning.

Adam and Kate NADAL have just retired, and they feel they should seek appropriate professional guidance. They have informed you that upon retirement, they would like to reside in their current home for as long as is financially feasible. Given that neither of them has any health issues, they feel that they can live in their current home for many years to come Based on this case study, students are required to submit a compliant Statement of Advice. It is important that all legal and professional requirements should be complied with, and expected standards must be followed. This is the capstone course in Financial Planning and a very high standard is required and you will need to attain an advanced level of detail and analysis in your Statement of Advice in order to pass this course.

You are expected to demonstrate your effective communication skills and technical knowledge by presenting a comprehensive SOA that is focused on client needs and is in line with ethical, professional and legal expectations and requirements.

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