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Rachel reported that five facilities had received unannounced quality/accreditation audits by the Aged Care Quality and Safety Commission sinceour last meeting. While three of the facilities passed and have been re-accredited for the next three years, the other two facilities did not pass.One facility was found to meet 43 of the 44 expected outcomes. The missedoutcome has been addressed and it is expected that the facility will now passon review.The other facility is of more concern. This facility failed 10 of the 44expected outcomes, some of which are considered serious breaches. Thefacility is also the source of the majority of complaints against GR8Kare. Ifwe cannot address all the facility issues within the next three months, itsaccreditationmay be withdrawn. The cost for addressing these issues isapproximately $3 million. The main breaches relate to Standard 3-PersonalCare and Clinical Care. What may be worse is the potential damage toGR8Kare’s reputation, as details of quality standards failures are publishedon the Aged Care Quality and Safety Commission’s website.There being no further business, the meeting was concluded.


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