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BUSN623: Assignment 6 PowerPoint GuidanceThe following screenshot citation is: Godin, S. (2014, July 12). Fix your really bad PowerPoint. [PPT Presentation.] Slide 40. Slideshare. Retrieved from To the above 5 points for your Week 6 Assignment, add the following point:•Put your details in your Speaker’s Notes below each slide which conveys for your reference what you will cover in detail in presenting that slide. The audience to a presentation does not see the Speaker’s Notes but they are important for you to make a complete presentation with explanatory material that is not contained on the slides. (And for Assignment 6 –your prof. will be reading these in evaluating your presentation.)Your challenge is to put the appropriate key words, using bullet point designations, on your slides (with appropriate visuals) to communicate what you need on the slide, and then expand your presentation with your Speaker’s Notes for that slide. Speaker’s notes are NOT a duplication of what is printed on a slide. VISUALS – Note no. 2 on Godin’s list above: Use images that relate to the presentation and the material on that particular slide. You want your presentation to look professional and capture interest. Images should contribute to the topic. Warning: Do not superimpose your slide text on top of images that clutter the slide and make the text difficult to read. Visuals should add to, not mask, the message.Beware of colors. Bright oranges and reds “scream” at the audience. Heavy black backgrounds or similar dark color boxes are depressing and difficult to read.OTHER HELP SOURCES:• How to create the best PowerPoint presentations. • 11 design tips for beautiful presentations. Please also review the Instructions and Rubric for this assignment carefully and contact your professor with any questions.(Linda Ashar, JD/MA, Associate Professor, 2020)


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