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MBAS903 Assessment 1 – INDIVIDUAL Assessment Purpose: Prepare a report for your client to allow them to gain insights into the demographic characteristics of their employees and possible links to absenteeism from work. Business Analytics Applications: descriptive analytics, cluster analysis Background: The Absenteeism dataset in SAS contains data on employees’ absenteeism and demographic characteristics. The client is interested in whether there are certain demographic characteristics of employees that makes them more susceptible to workplace absence. Guidelines: Use only demographic data for the cluster analysis (age, body mass index, distance to work, education, height, pets, service time, social drinker, social smoker, sons, transportation expense, weight). Note that you may need to convert some of the measures such as education, social drinker/smoker to categories. Then start with variable selection and think about the rationale for your chosen variables. You will need to conduct descriptive analytics of your chosen variables (central tendency, variation, shape, correlations etc and identification of missing data). Develop a range of cluster analyses, starting with the numerical data only and default settings and experiment with differing numbers of clusters and variables (including the categorical variables). As a final step, analyse the relationship between your clusters and average “absenteeism time in hours”. DO NOT include absenteeism in the cluster analysis itself (see recordings on Moodle how to do this step). There is no one “right’ answer, so think about and discuss in your report the rationale for the steps you take in the analysis and the reasoning for your preferred cluster model(s). Format: Business report for client Executive summary – one paragraph overview of full project including summary of results – 10 marks Introduction – set the scene and background of issue/problem (broad to specific issues) – 10 marks Methodology – discuss the rationale and planned steps for your analytics process (ie. details of descriptive analytics and cluster analysis you plan to do – do not include any results in this section) – 20 marks Body and analysis – descriptive analytics results, quick summary of the process and steps ultimately taken in your cluster analysis present to arrive at your chosen models (between 1 and 3 max), then focus on discussion and interpret of the chosen model(s), examine possible link with absenteeism, and any recommendations (Model = combination of k and set of variables) – 50 marks Conclusions – wrap up the exercise with recommendations for client – 10 marks


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