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Question One In business to business relationship gift giving to staff can bring about conflict of interest at any stage. Discuss the influence of perks and gifts on ethical behaviour of staff. 10 marksQuestion Two “We will not tolerate any compromise of our standards for quality_ Nor will we knowingly violate any laws or regulations in any country, At XYZ, we do not practice what I call “geographic- ethics. We have one set of ethics worldwide, And if the laws and regulations of a given country differ from our own company standards, we comply with whatever requirement represents the higher standard of behaviour in that situation.- Commented XYZ’s Business Ethics Manager in a recent business sustainability seminar on standards_ Required; Identify and discuss two common ethical conditions faced by suppliers in dealing with global ethics. 10 marksQuestion Three Civil Society Organisations (CSOs) are frequently very active in promoting their causes and in seeking corporate recognition, engagement and response. Explain the main tactics and approaches used by the CSOs in relation with business. 10 marksQuestion Four Corruption is often criticised on the basis of non-consequentialist thinking. However, the case of corruption in disaster recovery can also be examined from the perspective of consequentialism. flow would a utilitarian assess this situation and what does this tell you about the moral acceptability of corruption? 10 marksQuestion Five Food companies have often been accused of targeting children with adverts for unhealthy products such as fast food, confectionery and snacks. Assess the extent of advertising of ‘unhealthy food’ to children based on this evidence is it more or less than other products? Are children targeted more than adults? 10 marksQuestion Six List and explain the four main pricing practices where ethical problems are likely to arise. 10 marksQuestion Seven Explain four main types of privacy that employees might expect and provide examples where each type of privacy might potentially be violated in a business context. 10 marksQuestion Eight Flow is the technological environment shaping corporate governance? With the help of examples discuss what the future of corporate governance could look like in an increasingly digitised world. 10 marksEnd of Paper


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