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Read the following scenario. In this scenario, you are a childcare assistant at Sparkling Stars Childcare Centre, based at Cascade Peak in your home State or Territory.•1 2:26 2ct 0 • r.T4 ..11 INS-CHC3011 3-Subject 3-AWB-F-v6.0 (2) – SavedID 2Case 2Erica Smith It is school holidays, and the usual group of local children are attending care. One of the children, Erica Smith, is io years old and you have Imown her since she started attending the centre 5 years ago. You can view here: Eika’s client records. (usernanw: learner password: sludyliard) These holidays you have noticed that Erica is not her usual bubbly self. She has come lathe centre a few times in the same dirty clothes she wore the day before. One day you heard her ask a friend for some food at lunch time. One day, when you took the group swimming, Erica did not have her swimming costume with her. When you asked her about it, she responded “My Dad says I’m too fat to swim”. The next morning when Erica arrived at the centre with her father, her eyes were red and puffy. You thought she looked like she had been crying. That same morning, you noticed what might have been some bruises on Erica’s upper arms when she was playing in home comer. Later that day, tepee were preparing afternoon tea, Erica approached you shyly, speaking very quietly. You bend down to hear her better and she says “My Dad hurt me.”Answer the questions that follow.Assessment Worlthook g Version No. 6.0 Produced 2 September 2016 l’oge 29 1, Compliant Learning ReSOUrt`CSIII


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