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Conveying Negative NewsPrewrfte • Decide whether to use the direct or Indirect strategy. if the bad news will not upset the receivet open directly. if the message will upset the receiver, consider techniques to reduce its pain. • Think through the reasons for the bad news.• Remember that your primary goal is to make the receiver understand and accept the bad news, as well as to maintain a positive image of you and your organization_ Plan the Opening • In the indirect strategy, start with a buffer. Pay a compliment to the reader, show appreciation for something done, or mention some mutual understanding. Avoid raising false hopes or thanking the reader for something you will refuse.• In the direct strategy, begin with a straightforward statement of the bad news.Provide Reasons In the Body • Except in credit and Job refusals, explain the reasons for the negative message. • In customer mishaps clarify what went wrong, what you are doing to resolve the problem, and how you will prevent it from happening again. • Use objective, nonjudgmental, and nondiscriminatory language_ • Avoid negativity (e.g.. words such as unfair tunalefr and unwilling) and potentially damaging statements. • Show how your decision is fair and perhaps benefits the reader or others, if possible.Soften the Bed Mews • Reduce the Impact of bad news by using (a) a subordinate clause, (b) the passive yoke, or (c) a bong sentence. • Consider implying the refusal, but be certain it is clear. • Suggest an alternative, such as a rower price, a different product a longer payment period, or a substitute. Provide help in implementing an alternative. • Offset disappointment by offering a reduced price. benefits, tokens of appreciation. or something appropriate. Close Pleasantly • Supply more information about an alternative, look forward to future relations, or offer good wishes and compliments. • Maintain a bright, personal tone. Avoid referring to the refusal. • MessagesIttighl Nig Nelw/n Film:men l.W All R►ot..% ed. Ma., no bt: voincd Auti, Jul,’ Ful I hie 1.1 el:J:1nm tight.. wine :hint potty cortitei bc Nappimcd from 1114 diva. sii ii eCIII.Apt eel k►n Fibuinun nvel ,:nnter11.11 tall} time if iuMegutat nphts remrhatain trquitE


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