Current initiatives for improving the health | My Assignment Tutor ToiCurrent initiatives for improving thehealth and wellbeing of New ZealandersSmokefree New Zealand 2025 is an example of agovernment initiative designed to address theharmful effects of smoking on the health andwellbeing of New Zealanders.Let’s Get Real is an example of a sector initiativedeveloped for everyone in health working withpeople and whānau with mental health andaddiction needs.Te Manaaki Tāngata E Rua from Te Puea Marae isan example of a local community initiativedeveloped to support whānau Māori in southAuckland who are homeless using tikanga Māori.Choose three initiatives that are relevant to yourrole and one of the priorities you have identified.Answer the questions for each initiative:• What is the initiative?• What is the goal of the initiative?How does this initiative aim to improve thehealth and wellbeing of New Zealanders?• How is this initiative responding to a keypriority you chose in task 1?• What is new or different about this initiativecompared to other recent or previousstrategies?• How does this initiative impact on you and yourworkplace?• How does this initiative impact on the peopleyou support and their whānau or community?Question 1


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