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„.,y,,—.),…..,..u.lipsiassessment/takeitakejsp?courseassessmentid=_117274_18(course id =36274 _l&content_id= _6318402 _1 &question_num_1… ,e 9 Maps • Ascorbic Acid as a S… • JCE1099 p1420-1429 What are Self-Drivi.. ecRemaining Time: 17 minutes, 16 seconds.Question Completion Status:1…> AS, Moving to another question will save this response.Question 19 Which of the following was demonstrated by the Miller-Urey experiment? 0 A. Life can be started experimentally in the laboratory. 0 B. Organic molecules important to life could have been formed from a vast array of simple chemicals. 0 C. Life began on the pre-biotic Earth 3.5 billion years ago. 0 D. Life began in the oceans.Moving to another question will save this response.03 Lecture 23 24 Prot….pdf A0 01GE4 Lecture 21 22 Prot….pdfsuj Shape of Life – Sp….movCsp up Question 19 of 20 1 points< Question 19 of 2013’C , g: (1))) ENG


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