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yuriey.eau.aufweDapps/assessment/takeitakejsp?course_assessmentjd=_117274_1&course_id._36274_18,tcontent_id=_6318402_1&question_num_1… 9 Maps • Ascorbic Acid as a S… 4r 10E1099 p1420-1429 -Er- What are Self-Drivi… eQuRemaining Time: 17 minutes, 34 seconds.Question Completion Status: z6 Moving to another question will save this response.Question 17Question 17 of 20 > Hi points Save Answer One day after a biology class four of your friends argue about the difference between phylogeny and systematics. Which friend is right? 0 A. Friend D says that the way she remembers is that systematics is the reconstruction and study of phylogenies. 0 B. Friend B says that systematics is the same as cladistics and cladistics is reconstructing clades, which ultimately lead to the development of phylogenies. 0 C. Friend C argues that systematics is the actual collecting and cataloguing of specimens into museums that can be used later by scientists to construct clades and phylogenies. 0 D. Friend A states that systematics and phylogenies are really the same, one is more recent than the other, but basically they are the same.(, Moving to another question will save this response..1 Lecture 23 24 Prot….pdfea Lecture 21 22 Prot….pclfShape of Life – Sp….movQuestion 17 of 20 >13°C ” (1))) ENG 1910


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