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0, t ry 41’….,„:”” YEAR 12 GENERAL ENGLISHDocumentary reportName: I TASK 5 y Respond to a docury you have studied In class by answering the following questions in as much detail menta I asosslbfie. Your final assessment should be 2-3 pages In length after research, drafting and producing your P final copy. You have one week to complete this task.Begin by stating the name of the documentary, when nd by whom It was produced, its purpose and provide Qul. a brief summary of tirVaiTers bout (max 100 words). : (10 marks) e 61 rre i r -. – ,s, , _ e, -) .4. , tauChoose three separate documentary techniques which audiences see in the documentary and explain how they are used and their intended effect on the audience’s interpretations. (15 marks)Qu 3.Choose one important idea, theme, person or argument shown in the documentary and explain your interpretation of why this is a focus in the film. This will involve you considering the ‘journey’ this idea, theme, person, or argument takes from start to finish. (15 marks)Qtr. 4′ Discuss your own personal sponse to the documentary and whether you would or would not recommend. other Year 12 stu ents view the documentary in English class. Think about the overall purpose of the documentary and how it made you think, feel or reflect on your own life. (10 marks)1 ACHIEVEMENT STRAND: RespondingTASK WEIGHTING: 15% TASK DUE DATE: Term 2, Week 11Learning Objectives: 0 Identify important ideas, themes, people or arguments in the documentary 0 Learn about the visual techniques used in documentary films and their intended effects audiences – focus on archival footage , monta ge , on reenactments and interviews. To demonstrate theseobjectives, you will need to complete the following in class: D Watch the documentary Complete notes which will assist you to understand its structure, the visual techniques used n expb and its purpose as asitory text.• • ••••• • ••• • • ‘ • ••••••■■•••••••■••••••••••• • . • • ■••••••••• • • .


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