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13:09o*0 2:0986Assignment details7BSP1355-0105-2020 – Leadership and Ma…Part B-500-word summary of poster- 20%Your will provide summary of the key pointsin your posterEnsure that your summary covers each of thesections i.e. background, methodology,theory, findings, challenges and how they canbe resolved.No reference is required herePart CEngagement & enrichment in seminars (30%of total grade)The aim of this part of the assessment is toincrease your engagement with the subjectarea and your achievement on this module asa result. Engagement is assessed using thefollowing criteria:• Review one article of interest using thecovering sheet. Submit the cover sheetwith the peer review feedback (10 %).• Evidence of giving peer review feedback(10%)• Attendance at seminars (10%) (80% ofall seminars unless exceptionalcircumstances) -evidence by a diarynarration of one interesting issuecovered in each seminar attendedResubmit assignmentIII.


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