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M Fwd: xvivid XShare xG pena xGLOx% Conv xReco x% Reco xG You XNEBO XNEBхA ATO{ > Apps M GmailYouTubeMapsView Unofficial Tran…Sign oute Reading listNEBOSH IG441 POINTSSCENARIO BASED QUESTION_1_1FILESMOREYou started your new job in a store, you have seen a lot of examples of rule-breaking in the warehouse. For example, you have seengoods stacked in aisles and blocking designated walkways. Workers have to avoid many obstacles as they walk through the warehouse,causing them to step into vehicle routes. Workers have told you that there are frequent near misses between FLTs and workers, andcollisions with products causing damage and spillages. There are no written records of any of theseWhat financial arguments could you use to justify your proposed recommendations to segregate FLTs and the workers? (10)Text replyUpload a fileRecord videoRecord audiooSom9w32°C Haze11:18 AM6/26/2021


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