LA Galaxy is in their growth stage of their product life cycle | My Assignment Tutor

ZAGIM OvQ1Q loll 1 ‘W J 1 31 11/410 I I IUmoney as long as possible, what strategies are they using (see pages 273-277), and what would you suggest ?LA Galaxy is in their growth stage of their product life cycle. This is because they are currently diversifying their product with various different packages catered to different consumer groups(ex families, season pass holders). They have also gone from targeting all sports fans in their introductory stage from targeting specifically soccer fans. I do not believe they have reached maturity yet as they still claim that the market “bias a lot of potentiar. LA. Galaxy wants to launch a new product. DEVELOP an idea for a new product. Would you use multiproduct branding or multibranding? Why?My new idea for LA Galaxy is for a new line of athletic wear tops that promote keeping cool when exerdsing outdoors. For this particular product I would use multi product branding because these new products would be under one name, but would be branded slightly differently based on if the article was meant for


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