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Non-executive director: Leslie Campbell, MHRM (Hons),LLB, GAICD, age 45Leslie was a partner in a major law firm practising in the area of propertyand construction until 2010. Since then, he has held directorships in twoASX 200 listed companies (including Amaroo Limited, an operator of five-star hotels) and two other companies including GR8Kare.Leslie was a consultant to GR&Kare in 2009, and relinquished theconsultancy in order to become a non-executive director.Appointed 2010.4 Dir.lectrinalyr.consultantNon-executive director: Joseph Jessup, age 45Joseph is an ordained member of the faith that established GR8Kare, and thecurrent head of the Sydney Diocese. Joseph has limited business or boardexperience. Joseph is keen to ensure that GR8Kare fulfils its potential inbringing people to commit to the faith and regularly pushes for funds to beinvested back into the church for this purpose.Joseph is a church-appointed director. Appointed 2018.CDC participant (you)You are a recent AICD graduate. The board meeting on 18 September isyour second meeting.Appointed May 2020.


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