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Agenda item 2.6: Mike Moore-leave ofabsenceMemo to: The Board of GR KareFrom: Mike MooreDate: Tuesday, 5 August 2020Subject: Appointment of Alternate DirectorI am sure most people would be aware that last week I suffered a heartattack. As a result, I need to undergo quadruple bypass surgery on Thursday.The surgeon has said that I will need to reduce my commitments for the nextsix to nine months, while I recover.I am acutely aware that the next 12 months will be significant for GR&Kare,and I do not want to let anyone down. I would therefore like to appoint mysister, Marcia, as my alternate during this time. Marcia has fantasticexperience in property development and will be a great asset to the board,while I recover.In order to fast track this hand over, I have already briefed Marcia on all theissues currently facing GR8Kare. We have arranged to catch up regularly, sothat I can share my knowledge of the business and provide input intoimportant decisions. Marcia has also ensured me that she can attend allrelevant meetings.As to my position on the Finance and Audit Committee, again I suggestMarcia fill in for me on this committee during my absence. Given she is notas strong in finance as myself, I further recommend that Joy Morgan (CFO)takeover as chair of this committee until I return. I do not see this as an issuegiven that Joy has a great handle on all the company’s financial issues.Mike Moore


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