MKTG337 Marketing|Write-up Class Member

You will then evaluate and comment on the write-up of another class member, and submit a brief written critique to the instructor and the other student. Your critique should consider the following questions: Has the student evaluated the 5Cs in a thorough, clear manner? (5c’s are: – Company: Products, Competitive Advantages, Goals and Brand – Collaboration: Partners & Investors, Suppliers & Distributors, Service Providers and Content Relationships – Customers: Target Audience, Customers Motivation & Behaviors, Communication Channels and Customers Perception – Competitors – Climate: Laws & Regulations, Social & Behavior Trends, Economic Trends and Technologies) Has the student convinced you that the strategic issues surfaced in the SWOT / TOWS analysis are the right ones? What suggestions can you offer to improve any aspect of the student’s issue assessment?
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