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X “r0 ti)WhatiApp X 6Lecture 21 22 Proto x u/webapps/assessment/takeita ke.jsp?course_assessment_id =_117274_1&course_id =36274_1 &content_id=_6318402_1&question_num_1… tr • 9 Maps • Ascorbic Acid as a S… • 10E1099 p1420-1429 .13` What are Self-Drivi… Q) eQuiz CI ReadirRemaining Time: 17 minutes, 43 seconds.Question Completion Status: …> Moving to another question will save this response. t »Question 16 1 points Save AnswerViruses contain DNA or RNA, but lack genes necessary for metabolism and reproduction. Why are viruses considered to be nonliving?0 A. Viruses do not have the ability to evolve in their environment. 0 B. Viruses do not contain nucleic acids. 0 C. Viruses are unable to reproduce independently of a host. 0 D. Viruses do not contain internal organelles./1 Moving to another question will save this response.!1_4 Lecture 23 24 Prot….pdf0 01gy Lecture 21 22 Prot….pdf4 Shape of Life – Sp….mov Question 16 of 201,221 13°C t O y (0) ENG 19/06/:


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