NU665C0321PCS3 Family Psychiatrc Menthlth II

Autism Spectrum disorder Listen to the Podcast: Psychopharmacology and psychiatry updates: Case discussion: Managing Agitation in Autism Spectrum Disorder (25 minutes) Next, listen to the Podcast: Psychopharmacology and psychiatry updates: Pharmacotherapy of autism spectrum disorder: randomized BAART clinical trial (8 minute quick take) Review the clinical practice guidelines on ASD: . Name two atypical antipsychotic medications that are FDA approved for the treatment of ASD related agitation in patients under 18 years? 2. Name the two distressing side effects the patient experienced from his first medication trial 3. By what mechanism does risperidone cause hyperprolactinemia? 4. What does the speaker identify of the most important aspect of treatment of individuals with ASD? 5. What two classes of medications are known to cause akathisia? 6. If the patient needs to wait at the ER for several hours to days before he or she can be admitted inpatient, what are some measures that can be taken by staff to help with the wait? 7. In what circumstance may lowering the antipsychotic dosage be helpful for the patient? 8. What information is particularly important to obtain while taking a history for this patient? 9. What medication can be used to treat akathisia? 10. Would it be appropriate to send this patient home on a benzodiazepine? 11. Beta blockers may have an effect on what hormone? How does it affect it? 12. Carbamazepine has what impact on other drugs as well as itself? 13. Patient is seen in an agitated state by the clinician. Patient entered the appointment on Aripiprazole 15 mg daily. Patient given rx for aripiprazole long acting injectable (Maintena) at 400 mg IM monthly. Patient returns for follow up two weeks later with significantly worse behavioral difficulties. What should we assess for? 14. What are some factors that make a pain assessment on a patient with ASD difficult? 15. What does BAART stand for? 16. What are the two main psychotherapy options for ASD? 17. In BAART, what percentage of the Aripiprazole group gained more than 7% of their body weight? Risperidone? 18. What hormone increased significantly with use of risperidone? 19. Which agent showed higher levels of sedation? 20. Which agent is suggested as the first treatment of choice as it pertains to side effect profile by the speaker? 21. At what age is it recommended for the parent to fill out the M-CHAT? 22. What score is considered to be highest risk on the M-CHAT? 23. What does SCERTS stand for? 24. This class of medication has been found to be ineffective in the treatment of stereotypical behaviors in ASD 25. The following food-related issues should be assessed for in the patient with ASD
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