NURS20151 Creating Meaningful Relationships: Mental Health Issues



• Explore the impact of mental health issues on a client. 
• Examine the elements required to establish a therapeutic alliance with this client.


Assessment task details:

1. Choose a client you have engaged with in your clinical practice. If you are not currently working in a specialist mental health setting you can watch out of the shadow and base your assessment on Willy’ 

2. Introduce your client remembering to de identify any relevant information to ensure confidentiality. Provide a holistic overview and a clinical history that will allow your reader to visualise your chosen client. 

3. Explain the impact of a mental health disorder on the way this client thinks, feels and interacts with others. 

4. From a mental health perspective. utilising up to date evidence-based literature, analyse therapeutic strategies. including the therapeutic use of self, that may be used to support this person in a holistic manner including interactions with others. 

5. Discuss how the effectiveness of these strategies could be evaluated, including engaging in clinical supervision. 

6. Include a synthesis of your paper with at least four maw/ ‘take home’ lessons that has been evident from engagement with this unit of study and this report. A suggestion would be to include these insights immediately prior to your conclusion.

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