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rg’;ft. Assignment: Negative messages X ructure,comicourses/20586/assignments/222013 • .• • ,■ 4,1 71.. •••■11.4,.4.111:”. 5-11 • 1114,1 1 p 1.• ■-■Part 3: Applying Your Skills (p. 233) Individually, you will write an email responding to the scenario outlined in your textbook. Use email format, but please make sure you write your actual assignment in a Word document, along with Parts 1 and 2. Activity 9.8 Applying Your Skills: Maple Leaf Foods p. 233 For more information about the Maple Leaf Food situation, please make sure you look at pages 205 and 229 of your textbook and/or read the following news story. di Negative messages messagesCriteriaPart 1: Reflecting on Negative Messazes3.0 pts Excellent Thy:- writer ar.:5:-,e,s a•I three ouestion& comprehens;vely, and is Pi_hcctiersia re be:tut 5n-100r.74: C:t f”Ratings2_0 pts Good The …,Cadr quefir:os rflatEr;•.;• :;bik„ut C ar.e.y..rtten C1 fu. t r= I1.0 pts 010 pts Limited Poor 15″ ,Pts


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