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9:cpcp -•Assignment Details 2094 PS*1 160- DEri Introductim to PEych…•DescriptionThere is one assignment (Tp.rm Paper/Written Assignment) worth 20% in thi. course.This term paper is going to require some creative thinieng and curlousny on your part_ As you read The text and the modules, some questions may come to mind. Question like “that’s interesting, I wonder If It’s still true In the computer age?” or “I wonder how young that starts?”, etc_ The intent of this Assignment is for you -to critically think like a PsychologistFor Instance suppose a psychologist observes students playing video games on a big-screen TV in a. student lounge and not that the men tend to gel higher scores than the women do. She might 5-peculate that this gender difference results from differences in the amount cif time that men and women spend Flaying video games. In Diller word% her hunch Is that, In general, men get higher scores on video names because they practice rnore than women do_ Such hunches are often derived from a psychological theory, a general principle or it of principles proposed to explain how number ofSubmit AssignmentLJ


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