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Agenda item 3.1: Risk Committee minutesMeeting date: 28 August 2020Attendees: Steven Grigg (Chair), Leslie Campbell, Rachel Roby, Dominic GeeUpdated Organisational Risk Matrix was presented for discussion by Rachelas follows:RiskLikelihood Impact Overall Key mitigationPreviousratingFacility fallingquality andsafetyaccreditationAlmostcertainHighFire at afacilityUnlikelyHighPossibleMajor Very Regular in-house testing ofhighquality performance andcontinuous updating ofstandards and reporting.MajorHigh Six monthly propertyInspections and annualmonitoring of replacementvalues for insurancepurposes.Moderate Medium Focus on dient care.Regular attendance bydoctors at all facilities.Regular testing andtraining in use ofequipmentModerate Medium Regular trainingundertaken to ensure staffunderstand their duties andhow to safely performthem.Preventabledeath or majorinjury to aclientMediumPossibleMediumDeath ormajor injury toa staffmemberLikelyLack ofsuitablyqualified staffMediumLikelyLowAvailablefunds fallbelow liquiditymanagementstrategy targetModerate Medium Agency agreements inplace to cover for staffabsences.Moderate Medium Working to increase thefunding facilities available,as well as developingrelationships with newfinanciers. Proposedchange to definition ofliquid assets.Major Very Continual monitoring ofhigh regulatory environmentand government policy.AlmostcertainMediumIncreasedlevels ofregulation andreportingCybersecuritybreachesPossibleMajorHighHighAnnual review of cyberenvironment byindependent specialist todetermine appropriatenessof systems and policies.


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