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35 pointsSave AnswerQUESTION 9Model a BPMN collaboration diagram for the following scenario for a manufacturing procurement process. Include the control flow, data and organisational perspectives.This process starts when MetalWorks receives a purchase order (PO) from one of its customers. This PO is called the “Customer PO, The Customer PO may contain one or multiple line items. Each line item refers to a differentproductUpon receiving a customer PO, a sales officer checks the PO to determine if all the tine items in the order can be produced within the timeframes indicated in the PO. As a result of this check the sales officer may eitherConfirm the customer PO, or• Ask the customer to revise the terms of the PO (for example: change the delivery date to a loter dose). If the customer is asked to revise the PO, the BTO process will be put in “stand-by” until the customer submitsrevised PO. The sales officer will then check the revised PO and either accept it reject it, or ask again the customer to make further changesOnce a PO is confirmed the sales officer creates one work order for each line item in the Customer PO. In other words, one Customer PO gives place to multiple work orders (one per line item) The work order is a documentthat allows employees at Metal Works to keep track of the manufacturing of a product requested by a customer.To manufacture a product, multiple raw materials are typically required. Some of these raw materials are maintained in stock in the warehouse of MetalWorks, but others need to be sourced from one or multiple suppliers.Accordingly, each work order is examined by a production engineer. The production engineer determines which raw materials are required to fulfill the work order. The production engineer annotates the work order with a listof required raw materials. Each raw material listed in the work order is later checked by a procurement officer. The procurement officer determines if the required raw material is available in stock, or if it needs to be orderedIf the material needs to be ordered the procurement officer selects a suitable supplier for the raw material and sends a PO to the selected supplier. This PO for a raw material is called the “Material Po”, and is different fromthe Customer PO.Once all materials required to fulfill a work order are available, the production can start. The responsibility to produce a work order is assigned to the same production engineer who previously examined the work order. Theproduction engineer is responsible for scheduling the production. Once the product has been manufactured, it is checked by a quality inspector. Sometimes, the quality inspector finds a defect in the product and reports it tothe production engineer. The production engineer then decides whetherthe product should undergo a minor fix oril the product should be discarded and manufactured again,Once the production has completed, the product is shipped to the customer. There is no need to wait until all the line items requested in a customer PO are ready before shipping them. As soon as a product is ready, it can beshipped to the corresponding customer.At any point in time before the shipment of the product), the customer may send a request to cancel the order for a given PO. When this happens the order is stopped and a sales officer determines whether the customershould pay penalty, upon which the customer is notified that the cancellation has been successful110 Marks for Syntax, 10 Marks for Semantic Correctness, 5 Marks for Correct Use of Conventions, S Marks for Resource Perspective, 5 Marks for Data Perspective)Attach FileBrowse My Computer


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