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Agenda item 2.3: StaffingFor discussionMemoDate: 3 September 2020To: Graeme Butler (MD)From: Rachel Roby (Director of Nursing)Subject: Access to low cost traineesGraeme, last year as part of our drive to reduce staffing and hotel servicescosts, following an introduction facilitated by ElderlyCare, we formed arelationship with Speedy Education Speedy Education operates in Australiaand a number of countries throughout the Asian region, specialising intraining people in health and hospitality related fields.Our initial agreement was for us to provide a number of places for traineeswithin our facilities’ kitchen and food service areas, thus allowing studentsto gain invaluable work experience. This agreement has benefited all partiesinvolved, and students are often heard to say how wonderful their time withus has beenSpeedy Education would like to take our relationship further by providingstudents (both local and overseas) to fill health-related roles, effectively astrainee carers. There is an opportunity for international visa applicants toincrease the number of trainee carers in our facilities. Salaries for traineecarers are very low, and the first 120 hours can be unpaid.If we are vigilant in using the allocated time for ‘onsite leaming’ byCertificate III in Individual Support (Ageing)’ or ‘Certificate IV in AgeingSupport’ trainees, we can reduce staff costs, which is one of our majorexpense items.There is, however, a correlation between the number of traince staff and thequality of care. Hence, I am asking the board to assist me in making adecision about the ratio of trainees to fully qualified carers at each facility. Isuggest it would be prudent to have one trainee to every qualified carer,allowing the trainee to be appropriately supervised. For a 100 bed facility, asuitable number of staff would be three carers, three trainee carers, oneregistered nurse and one trainee nurse rostered for each 12 hour shift.This would reduce our staffing expense by approximately 15% and, as adirect result, improve profit margins as well as providing a communitybenefit. I ask the board to consider and


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