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a=_117274_1&course_id=_36274_1&content_id= _6318402 rr 1&question_nuo… 9 Maps 4. Ascorbic Acid as a S… JCE1099 p1420-1429 IT j What are Self-Drivi… eQuiz Your answers are saved automatically.•■■•••■•rirriatiroRemaining Time: 18 minutes, 05 seconds.Question Completion Status: & Moving to another question will save this response. Question 12 Which of the following is a false statement about plant secondary metabolites?O A. Some can be poisonous to humans. 0 B. Some can be used to treat human diseases. 0 C. Some of them can cross the placenta during pregnancy. 0 D. The activity of certain medicines is due to secondary metabolites. 0 E. They are too unpredictable to use in pharmaceutical research.Lecture 23 24 Prot….pdf ^Gal Lecture 21 22 Prot….pdfu Shape of Life – Sp….movAi a Question 12 of 20 gt


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