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Statement of Changes in EquityYear ending 30 June 2020 $000sContributedEquityAssetRevaluationReserveRetainedEarningsTotalEquityBalance at 1 July20151,0008,000(94,872)11,743(85,872)11,743Profit for year0Issue of sharesBalance at 30 June20161,0008,000(74,129)(74,129)Balance at 1 July 20161,000(83,129)(83,129)15,0668,00015,066Profit for yearIssue of shares0Balance at 30 June20171,0008,000(59,063)(68,063)(68,063)Balance at 1 July 20171,0008,000(59,063)19,310Profit for year19,310Issue of shares0Balance at 30 June20181,0008,0008,000(39,753)(39,753)Balance at 1 July 2018(48,753)(48,753)23,2441,000Profit for year23,24400Issue of sharesBalance at 30 June20191,0008,000(25,509)(16,509)(16,509)Balance at 1 July 20191,0008,000(25,509)Profit for year27,31627,316Issue of shares0Balance at 30 June20201,0008,0001,80710,807Note: additional notes and information have been included within thefinancial statements. The above information, notes, directors’ report anddirectors’ declaration have been reviewed by the Audit and Risk Committee.The committee and our auditor are satisfied that the financial statementscomply with all relevant accounting standards and give a true and fair view.


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