TACC606 Accounting Theory and Applications- companies in the same industry


You are required to obtain the annual reports of two ASX Top 200 companies in the same industry and write a business research report to address the following questions related to the items included in property, plant and equipment.

Review and evaluate the PPE disclosure of your selected companies which may include:

1. What range of measures is used to determine amounts for these items in the reports of the individual companies?

2. Do you think it is valid to add the items, given the measures used?

3. How would you interpret the total amount for property, plant and equipment in the financial statements?

4. Compare the measures used by the different companies for similar items. Are there any inconsistencies in how similar items are measured by the different companies?

5. Discuss the factors that accountants should consider when setting up company accounting policy relating to PPE.

6. Detail your view on the subsequent measurement of PPE and provide recommendations to accounting standard setters. 

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