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Homework #13For Essay #3, a works cited page at the end of the paper is needed. You have already learnedhow to cite films in Homework #6. Today, we will look at how MLA (Modern LanguageAssociation) cites newspaper articles.Works Cited – Newspaper ArticlesIn Essays #3, you will be expected to have a ‘Works Cited’ section at the end of your essay. Inthis homework assignment, we will look at the two halves of the citation process, in-textcitations and end of essay citations. The way this system works is that a short indication of thesource of the information is provided in the text and then the complete indication is listed onthe last page of the essay so that the reader can find the newspaper article to which you arereferring. In our course, we will use the latest version of the MLA system.We will look at citations for newspaper articles today. Before we begin, I note that at the top ofyour final page, you will write ‘Works Cited’, and then list all of your sources in alphabeticorder.For newspaper articles, we will most often use the headline as the first element in the ‘WorksCited’ list. Sometimes, we will know the name of the author, in which case that would comefirst. Next, we will place the name of the newspaper in italics. Finally, we indicated the date itappeared in print. If we know the page number, we indicate that. In most cases, you will haveread the article on the internet. If that is the case, indicate the website and the date you read iton the web. See the example below.For example:The director of the soap opera was the well-known playwright Paul Mercier. The Aifricsoap opera had a cast of about 150 actors in the first year of filming (“New Irishlanguage…” 2006). As concerns the plot, similar to the family in another short filmaired on TG4, Iníon an Fhiaclóra (2000), Aifric’s family moved from the Englishspeaking city of Dublin to a western village in Irish-speaking Connemara, CountyGalway.Clearly there is no way that I could have known that 150 actors were used in the first year ofthe series. I must have read that somewhere. I need to cite where I read that. The in-textcitation is composed of the shortened headline, “New Irish language…” which is followed bythe year it appeared in the newspaper. This way anyone interested can turn to the last page ofmy paper and see the full citation.At the end of the essay, the full citation for the ‘Works Cited’ section should be:“New Irish language teen soap set for November.” Irish Examiner, Aug. 1, 2006, . Accessed June 24,2021.In your ‘Works Cited’ list, this is listed under ‘N’ for the headline and listed in alphabetical orderas seen in the full example in the Essay #3 folder.If we knew the author’s name, we would have used that instead of the headline. For example:In-text citation: (Harrison 2014)Full “Works Cited”citation: Harrison, Bernice. “Television: The thin blue line between plodsand plodding.” The Irish Times, Oct. 25, 2014, . Accessed June27, 2021.Here are some other newspaper articles. Create both the correct in-text citation and the correct‘Works Cited’ citations for each modelled on the examples above.1. In–text citation ______________________________________________________________Full “Works Cited” citation _______________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________________


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