5MK006 Marketing Planning|Sales

Fifth Page: Section 1 – Mission, Aims & Objectives (on a new page)Organisation’s mission statement (From your company’s published information)Organisation’s aims/objectives (From your company’s published information)Marketing mission statement  (You develop this)   (Note: a marketing mission statement is a subset of the corporate mission statement in which the focus will be on the underlying marketing needs, customer benefits and customer satisfaction. That is, you need to state the benefits of your product offering, to whom the product is targeted, and at what price.  For example, Volvo attempts to sell the benefit of road safety to safety-minded parents at a price premium. So, for this you need to read the corporate mission statement of the company you will do the marketing plan for).   Section 2 – Situation Analysis (on a new page) Use your individual report(s) and any new information to provide an overview of the internal and external analysis and append SWOT/TOWS matrix and PEST factors that previously developed. Section 3 – Market Analysis (new page) An overview of consumer demographics (append any detailed statistical information) An overview of market share & trends (append any detailed statistical information) Section 4 – Marketing Strategies (new page) List (bullet points) Marketing, Financial and Societal objectives (3-4 objectives for each) Profile the core target markets Explain basis for competing Suggest desired positioning strategy Section 5 – Marketing mix (new page) Product Price Place People, physical evidence and process Section 6 – Promotional and Communication plan (new page) Advertising Sales promotion Online and digital marketing Other promotions Section 7 – Planning Budgets and Forecasts (new page) Plan sales forecasts Plan projected profit and loss statement Section 8 – Implementation, Monitoring and Control (new page)Explain the implementation of your plan Explain how you would plan for monitoring sales and other activities Explain marketing control types relevant to your pla
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