9023CB Consumer Behaviour

1. Choose a product and/or a service(from a high involvement category) thatyou purchased.
2. Use the Simplified Customer JourneyMap template to create a CustomerJourney Map for the purchase. In yourCustomer Journey Map:Briefly elaborate on goals, actions,thoughts and feeling correspondingwith your experiences during thepre-sale (touching on awareness andconsideration), sale (touching onselection and purchase) and post-purchase stages (touching onsatisfaction, loyalty and advocacy).Assess your experiences at eachstage ranging from great to negative.Note your reasons.
3. Next, create a Consumer Diary bychronicling the purchase. Address thesepoints in your Consumer Diary:Note your perception of the retailerand of the service and/or productoffered. Use the theory onperception to frame your discussion.What influenced your decision-making process? Consider yourneeds, motivation, and personalitycoupled with the theoretical modelon decision-making.Did any external factors (i.e. family,social pressure, culture, stimuli(advertising, etc.), word-of-mouth,country-of-origin) play a role in yourdecision-making?
4. Elaborate on the ‘Moments of Truth’with accompanying emotions (i.e. WOWmoments/Pleasure points, Pain Points,and Equity Points) occurring in yourCustomer Journey.Required reading:Moving the customerexperience field forward: Introducing thetouchpoints, context, qualities (TCQ)nomenclature (De Keyser et al. 2020).Where does the retailer need to fix orremove touchpoints to improve theCX based on these ‘Moments ofTruth’? Incorporate De Keyser etal.’s (2020) ideas on CX Audit,proposing specific actions toeliminate existing Pain Points (seeStep 4 in CX Audit).Similarly, consider the CX Innovationand Design Steps outlined by DeKeyser et al. (2020) and discusswhich step/s may improve andelevate future CX to a new level,answering the following questions:What qualities are customerslike you looking for/expecting atthe various touchpoints in theconsumer journey?What contextual data canand/or should be collected toenhance touchpoints so thatthey allow specific qualities tooccur?What are the most likelyopportunities to innovate anddifferentiate CX?
5. Considering the above in relation toyour purchase, make recommendationsthat you believe would increaseconsumer satisfaction, and loyalty. Baseyour recommendations on your analysisabove, and on the consumer behaviourliterature, and ensure that yourrecommendations are ethical.RequirementsYou will need to upload and submit twoitems as part of this assessment:1. Completed Simplified CustomerJourney Map for the purchase (submit asa PDF file). This is not included in theword count for this assessment.2. Written report (submit as a Word .docxfile).
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