9808 Regional Anatomy|Electromyography

QUESTIONS Will, a 20-year-old male, presents to his doctor with pain in his lower back radiating down both legs. Will has been hitting the gym hard, lifting heavy weights with incorrect technique. Upon examination and investigation, it was found that Will had a “slipped disc”. 1.A. What is a ‘slipped disc’ and why does it cause pain?  B. Why does this condition occur more commonly in this area of the vertebral column? 2.Will’s doctor advised him to stop lifting weights for a few months.  In this time Will noticed he lost considerable weight.   Explain why Will would have lost weight? 3.Will has noticed that his dad, Hector, has started to lose muscle mass and strength as he is getting older.  Since Hector turned 50 it has become obvious his muscle mass has decreased and he is not as strong as he used to be.  Briefly outline the physiological process that is occurring in Hector’s muscles and how can he delay or reverse this muscle loss? 4.Will has been reading up on muscle activity. He has learnt that the smallest functional unit of a muscle is a sarcomere.  A.In the table below provide four distinguishing characteristics between smooth, cardiac, and skeletal muscle tissue.  Characteristic  Cardiac Smooth Skeletal B.Describe how a muscle action potential results in the shortening of the sarcomere. In the past 12 months, Will’s grandma, Mary, has recently started to slur her words. Upon investigation Mary was unfortunately diagnosed with motor neurone disease. 5.What is motor neurone disease?  6.Which effector will be impacted by this disease? Outline at least four symptoms of this disease? 7.Mary underwent the routine tests of nerve conduction testing and electromyography.   A.What is the difference between these two procedures? B.What are these two tests used for?  C.In Mary’s case which of the two tests would have revealed a problem?  8.BONUS QUESTION: What is the most interesting piece of information that you learnt in this case study?
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