BSBHRM602 Human Resource Management

Complete the following activities(2500+ words):1.Develop a report and action plan based on a work from home program1.Based on the feedback from staff and the Health and Safety Officer you are required to conduct research on a range of potential work from home strategies/programs that you could implement. In your research you must include current trends on working from home, the workplace health and safety requirements in working from home and the technology that would be required for staff to do so.2.Develop a brief report to present to management on your research findings and your recommendations on how the College could implement the strategy. Address the following topics in your report:A brief introduction to the purpose of the reportA summary of the current working from home trends and strategies that other organisations have implementedAn outline of the workplace health and safety requirements for staff workings at homeThe technological requirements for staff to work at homeEvaluation of the potential benefits and downfalls of providing technology to staff for the purpose of working at home A brief outline of the proposed procedure on deciding who can work at home and what they need to do to obtain approval to do soAn action plan to achieve the implementation of the strategies. The action plan should detail the strategy, the action, the timeframe in which to achieve the actions and the performance indicators. Each action should be allocated to a person in the organisation.Your report should be formatted in a professional manner, written clearly and concisely and be grammatically correct and free from errors.3.When you have completed your report and action plan, send it via email to the management team (your assessor). Your email should include a brief statement as to the purpose of the report and approval to proceed with actions. Update the health and safety policy and procedure 4.Assume that the CEO and the Health and Safety Officer support the proposed actions for work from home program. In the action plan you are responsible for updating the Health and Safety Policy and Procedure. The Health and Safety Officer has suggested that you should include a brief policy statement about the organisation’s commitment to flexible working arrangements, including working from home, for the health, safety and wellbeing for staff, and a brief outline of your OHS requirements for working at hom
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