BSBINN301 Promote Innovation in a Team Environment

Case Study: Windsor Dining Hall is a Melbourne based, 300 seat restaurant. It was established by current owner Lily, in 1990. Business specialises in Middle eastern and Spanish cuisine.During 2013 – 2017, business was facing financial issues and had zero strategic or operational plans in place. You took restaurant’s Operations Manager position on 2nd January 2018 and ever since business is doing well. Efficiency targets are consistently being achieved, staff members are happy and it has been significant increase in repeat customers. Business has recently achieved “Sustainability & Environment Protection Award” from the local city council. Google and TripAdvisor has granted you 4 out 5 stars rating based on customer reviews. This rating was 0.2 back in 2017.Restaurant’s current business hours are 4pm to 2am. It employs 1 operations manager, 1 marketing manager, 1 bookkeeper, 2 chefs, 15 kitchen staff, 16 floor staff and 3 cleaners. During busy hours restaurant is 100% occupied.Lily has asked you to lead the restaurant to its next level. Introduce new technologies and make it one of the best restaurants in Melbourne. She also highlighted that takeaway orders are only 10% of the total revenue and you should look into boosting these numbers. She is happy to spend up to $100,000 on new initiatives.You have recently consulted all of your staff members. They are very excited to embrace the new technology and are keen to make a difference in Melbourne’s hospitality industry. Some of them requested that they will need extensive training in new technologies as they are not familiar with computers and mobile devices. They also raised concern that as restaurant is getting busier and busier, they are not getting enough opportunity to interact and consult with each other.


Student AssessmentBSBINN301 Version 4.2 Document Owner:Windsor College Pty LtdPage 4/24 Date Revised: 14/01/2020 Windsor CollegeProvider No:41090| CRICOS: 03560KBSBINN301Promote innovation in a team environmentYou are required to:1.Conduct research to find out how successful restaurants are using technology to serve their customers. Discuss your findings with your colleagues and list three innovative ways, which you would introduce in your restaurant. a.Your suggested ideas must be innovative, practicable and capable to make a big positive impression on customers. b.Your suggested ideas should use modern technologies.c.They should be efficient, cost effective and user friendly.d.Your suggested ideas may facilitate dine-in ordering process, take away orders, improve food preparation times, take benefit of the premises during non-operational hours OR could be anything else, which you think is more appropriat

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