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FIN3003SCorporate Financial ManagementBBS571Exam ReviewUCD SingaporeExam Format• Online Exam (Tentative), Two Hours• Two out of Three Questions (no compulsory question)• Combination of Quantitative and Qualitative– Probably more calculation (2/3)– Use of time-line diagrams, etc.• Online Exam– Check the Time/Data and submission method– Spare some time to prepare for the submission– Single File– Use phone or scanner to capture the answer if needed• Text, diagram, table, equations, etc.– Make sure it is focused and well-litUCD Singapore 2Exam Format• Questions cover almost all topics– Questions are on main topics– Combination of topics and with sub-sections– Examples in class/slides/textbook.– Tutorial questions• Exclusions– No question that requires a financial calculator or Excel (e.g. IRRcalculation, YTM in Bonds)– No explicit questions on Balance Sheet and Income StatementUCD Singapore 3Review• Corporation, Financial Markets & Institutions– What is a Corporation?– Agency Problems– The Flow of Savings to Corporations• Accounting and Finance– The Income Statement– The Balance Sheet• Time Value of Money (TVM)– PV, FV, Multiple CF (Eq.)– Perpetuities and Annuities (Eq.)– EAR (Eq.)UCD Singapore 4• Bonds Valuation– Bond Price (Eq.)– Yield to Maturity (Eq.)– Bonds Returns, DY (Eq.)– Default and Ratings• Stocks Valuation– Market Values, Book Values, and Liquidation Values– Dividend Discount Model, Constant Growth, Non-constant Growth(Eq.)– Comparable (e.g. P/E Ratio) – Refer to textbook• Investment Appraisal– NPV and Profitability Index (Eq.)– IRR (Eq.)– Payback periodUCD Singapore 5Review• Risk and Return– Measuring Risk– Risk and Diversification– Beta and CAPM (Eq.)• Weighted-Average Cost of Capital– Calculating WACC (related to previous topic) (Eq.)– Measuring Capital Structure (use market value, etc.)• Corporate Financing– Equity (stocks), Debt (Bonds and Bank Loan), Preferred stock,Convertibles– Venture Capital– IPOUCD Singapore 6Review• Debt and Payout Policy– Tax Shield– Costs of Financial Distress– Trade-off Theory– Cash Dividend vs. Share Repurchase– The Information Content of Dividends and RepurchasesUCD Singapore 7Three QuestionsInformation• Select any two questions• Calculation and Qualitative in each question• Each question has multiple parts (related or independent)• Mix topics from different lectures into one part/questionSome VIP Topics• TVM• Bonds Valuation and Ratings• Stock Valuation (Dividend Discount Model and Ratio)• NPV, IRR (no calculation), Payback, Profitability Index• Beta and CAPM• WACC (Tax, rd, re)• Dividend and RepurchaseUCD Singapore 8


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