ECS 401 Critical Perspectives of Assessment

Why? This assignment is intended to provide students with the opportunity to: both engage in an in-depth analysis of a topic of their choice related to assessment, and to provide a concise synthesis of this work; ask questions of and critique their understandings of assessment; and possibly participate in the completion of a multimodal assignment. Teachers are fundamentally researchers. When they encounter a problem, challenge, or dilemma in their classrooms, they often turn to research; either they read about current research conducted on the topic, or engage in research themselves. This assignment is inviting you into the role of (future) teacher as researcher.  What? Choose a critical topic, of interest, related to assessment and evaluation. Example topics include, but are not limited to: exams, rubrics, portfolios, creating communities of learners, essays, equitable assessments, relationship building in the classroom, authentic assessments, formative summative assessments, self-assessment, evidence in assessment, assessment plans, Fountas and Pinnell, report cards, performance assessments, textbooks, differentiation, formative assessment, outcome-based assessment etc.    Your task is to create a concise, informative, and evidence-based, argument on the topic you have selected
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