EDUC 5760 Human Resource Managment and Process

1.Research the process for your district’s policy and protocol for employee discipline.
A. What are steps taken in employee discipline?
B.What is the principal’s role in the process?  What is specifically handled by Human Resources? 
C.What are reasons for dismissal? 
Teacher Employment Contract Policies What is the process for a non-renewal determination?
2.Read the following articles: 
a.Copy of  Dealing with Difficult People 
b.Taking the Stress Out of Stressful Conversations
c.Short Summary of Strategies for Difficult Conversations 
d.NL-Leader-Hierarchy of Needs
3.Watch the following videos on difficult conversations: 
a.3 steps to having difficult but necessary conversations | Ted Talk.   
b.Difficult Conversations Made Easy | Joy Baldridge | TEDxUCCI Ted Talk. 
4.Case Study: Crucial Conversations – attached 
5.Reflection : Report on what you learned about how employee discipline is handled in your school/district. What did you learn?
6.Reflection Based upon the articles and videos describe key takeaways for you as a leader in addressing employee discipline. What do you want to do or not do as you handle difficult situations with future employees?

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