FIN334 International Finance and Growth System

This expansion would be to experience growth in a nation where they do not have either a major or a minor presence. You may select the company, country of expansion, and product line to be produced in that country.
Your proposal should include the following elements:
1.A brief description of the company’s current financial status and pertinent industry ratios, as well as the current economic status of the company’s domestic country and the country to which it has chosen to expand
2.Discussion of the risk factors involved with the expansion and what the company can do to mitigate those risks, including transaction, translation, and operating exposures
3.Discussion of the foreign exchange market, including exchange rates for the country chosen and why this country presents a good opportunity for the expansion
4.A budget for the expansion, including tax exposure and treatment
5.Discussion of the global cost of capital and methods of raising the capital for the expansion
6.Analytical conclusion that summarizes the merits of expansion 
Including in-text citations, a references page, and a title page. You must cite company relevant information, statements you are making as fact, definitional material, theory points, and all data taken from a source that is used to develop your hypothetical data. You are required to have section headers within the proposal and a table of contents. 

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