HLTH1036 Global and National Health- purpose and objectives of the report


Assessment Description
Students will undertake an assessment of the City of Horizon. Students will choose ONE health issue from the list provided and discuss the implications of that health issue for the Horizon community. In addition, the assessment will consider roles of the Registered Nurse in advocating, mediating and enabling health promotion for the issue chosen.

Use the template provided to complete your report. The report will contain the following:

Introduction: The introduction should introduce the purpose and objectives of the report using relevant literature and outline the structure of the report including scope and limitations.

Part A: Assessment: In Part A your task is to complete an assessment of the City of Horizon. Your assessment will include an analysis of the social, cultural and psychological factors that impact upon the health of the community such as, education level, employment, occupations, income, housing, transport, communication networks, volunteer groups, social support services, community groups and organisations, health and emergency services, law enforcement and government and leadership arrangements.

Part B: Health issue: Select ONE (1) health issue for the Horizon community from the list below. Explain how the chosen issue is linked to the social determinants of health and why the health issue is of concern for the Horizon community taking into consideration your assessment. Refer to at least two (2) sources of academic literature to inform your responses.

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