HR7003 Human Resource Management

ASSESSMENT Your Task: Using good quality academic and journalistic sources, prepare report for the CEO on HRM issues at Findian Textiles. Your knowledge and understanding of Human Resource Management of an organisation, including management of individual, team, and organisation will be critically examined. The title of your report should be: A Business Report to improve the delivery of HR Processes at Findian Textiles. Your report should include: •A title Page  Executive Summary  Contents Page  Outline of the primary HRM issues in Findian Textiles  Proposal to improve the delivery of HR Processes at Findian Textiles.  Implementation plan including outline costings and responsibilities Risk register to identify the main risks that your proposals carry and whether they are red (likely to happen and serious) yellow, (less serious and / or less likely to happen) or green ( unlikely to happen and less serious). References using Harvard Referencing conventions. The word count of 1,500 words will not include the title page, executive summary, contents page or references. You will not need to draw on all change and leadership theories that you read but should select instead those which are most applicable to the case study – Findian Textiles – and apply them appropriately. It is important that you show knowledge of key debates within the literature on Human Resource Management within an organisation. Also, it is strongly advised that you are critical in your writing and ensure a good level of integration and coherence in applying theories. Please work on, and ensure an excellent level of criticality, coherence, and flow of your report. This will require effective discussion and clarity. Please note that a significant amount of the marks are awarded on the basis of wider reading, critical and logical presentation, quality of argument, referencing, academic integrity and academic writing conventions. Please see Assessment Criteria on the Moodle.
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