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< Tutor Learning StoriesChild Age : 4 years 10 months.1) Learning Story : Physical development.11 4GEducator gathered children at preschool 1&2 Outdoor, where Children were provided with basket ball set up, balls.Educator instructed children to sit on the deck and discussed about the activity and rules of the game loo.Educator called each one of them to have their try. this activity is a follow up 01 few children’s interest.Zack was so excited . following carefully Educator’s instructions such as stand on the mat. aim the target ,throw the ball in the basket and most importantly everyone gets 3 turns. Zack was patiently waiting for his turn, meanwhile he is observing the other children’s performance. Educator called Zack and asked Are you ready Zack?” Zack ” Yes.’ Educator ” can we recall rules’ Zack ” stand on the mat and throw ball in the basket” Educator “Good Zack , you got 3 turns now, let’s go for first fry” Zack stood on the mat holding ball in his both hands when Educator said “Go Zack ‘`, he threw the ball but it just touched the basket and fell down it doesn’t went in to the basket . Zack ” ohh no” Educator ” Zack it’s ok you got two more turns . try hard this time ,You can do it Zack” Zack took the ball in to his hands ,stood on the mat , this time he pushed all his energy from body and throw the ball up in the sky Zack “Wow. it went all the way up Educator Wow Zack, you got lots of energy, last turn for you ,come on try it” Zack took the ball in to his hands , stood on the mat , this time he was looking constantly to the basket and throw the ball.The ball straightaway went in to the basket ball hoop. Zack felt so happy and said did it ” Educator :”Good lob Zack , you did it , its all about aiming and throwing the ball in the basket ball hoop’ Once everyone got their turn, Preschoolers showed spontaneous interest to play with balls , Educator got some more balls for children .engaged them in playing ball catches, kicking .Analysis of Learning: What did you learn from this learning story?Zack had good fine and gross motor skills. as he uses his both hands while throwing the Dail to some distance.He exhibited problem solving skills by making Irial and error methods while throwing ball in the basket.He had goad hand eye coordination and good communication skills .Good listening and following Educator Instructions carefully, waiting patiently for his turn.Extension of Learning:To extend his fine and gross motor skills and problem solving skills , Educators will plan Number target activity , where he can exhibit trial and error methods to hit the particular number with ball.12) Learning story: Cognitive DevelopmentToday Educator planned Various Block building activities with children, as this activity is a follow up activity of one of the children in Preschool room . Educator divided children in to groups • discussed about the activity ,showed them various Block building resources such as one table was set up with !egos. other table was set up magnetic blocks, the last table was set up with small wooden blocks and asked each group of children to chose the table.7.m .s,


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