MGT 610 Strategic Perspectives on Project Management System

Then visit the website for the National Society of Professional Engineers (NSPE) and review its Code of Ethics. Once you have reviewed the document and the websites, consider whether the behavior of the construction-management design professional was ethical. Also, consider the many situations that a construction manager or design professional may encounter in which materials and ethics intersect.
Think about what you have learned in this course regarding the importance of quality, specifications, materials, and methods, as well as how often design professionals are asked for their expertise for clarifications, design changes, and other construction document information. In your initial post, address the following: Did the design professional behave ethically? If the design professional behaved unethically, did he do so knowingly? Do you have a personal ethical line in business that you will not cross under any circumstances?
Describe. Refer to your own professional experience and cite from the case document and the webpages of the NSPE to support your answers. In responding to your peers, consider their opinions and then add your own thoughts to their conclusions. If possible, try to compare a situation that you encountered in the business world to one that a peer wrote about in his or her post.
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