MGT4700 Contemporary Issues in Management


Topic: Literature Review on two themes covered in the workshops that specifically relate to innovation.  If you need advice on what a literature review is you should talk to the lecturer

Links: This essay underpins the theoretical learning you have undertaken.

Marking: You must take note of the marking criteria (see MyUniHub “Assignment 1 Marking Criteria”) and construct your assignment around it.

Feedback: You should receive feedback on your assignment along with a provisional mark within 15 working days.

Learning Outcomes:

You will need to email the lecturer/tutor if you have not uploaded the essay by this date and you will lose 10% of your mark for each day it is late.

Format: You need to write an essay, it should consist of an introduction, main body, and conclusion.  There should not be any headings and it must be referenced correctly using the Harvard system. It is expected that 30% would be your introduction and conclusion an 70% a review of the literature

Content: You are to research and prepare a literature review on two themes of your choice that we have covered in the workshops on innovation.  Your essay should be of a high academic standard and should be analytical rather than descriptive.  For example, you could contrast and compare the impact of two themes on the application of innovation within an established business.  You must move beyond re-presenting the theories from the literature. You need a minimum of 10 peer reviewed references.

Value: 40%

Requirements:  There are some requirements for this assignment. You must meet these requirements in order to have your assignment considered complete! If you do not meet these requirements you will have 50% your mark deducted:

  1. You must include a cover sheet.
  2. You are expected to have at least 10 references in your essay, using the Harvard system of referencing.
  3. You must use Turnitin to upload the essay
  4. The file name must be your family name plus your student number only
  5. It is expected to be grammatically correct and free from spelling errors

Support: You may email me with any questions.  I will review a final draft of the assignment no later than 20th July 2021.

Links to employability: This assignment demonstrates: ability to carry out instructions, ability to communicate, ability to reflect and apply concepts and ideas you have learnt, ability to critically assess yourself in terms of what you have learnt, undertake higher level research, analyse and synthesis complex concepts.

Evidence of wide reading of the literature.  You are expected to focus on peer reviewed research articles. You should look beyond the articles referenced within the workshops and develop your own view on the topics you choose.  To score highly you are expected to read beyond the minimum requirement.

In analysing the literature, you are expected to consider the complexity of innovation and question some of the theoretical issues raised.  You are expected to synthesise theories and include references to concepts from the workshops.  Simply re-presenting the theories will not attract a higher grade.

Application of theoretical understanding to support analysis. You are expected to synthesise the theories you have considered in a way the enables you to draw a coherent and supported conclusion about the themes you have considered.

Clear and cohesive justification for conclusions.  You need to present a conclusion that is drawn from the theories and makes sense within the framework of the chosen concepts.

Explanation of levels

This means that you have failed to provide any evidence to support this marking criteria, or that the evidence is so obscure that it is either impossible to understand or completely irrelevant.  There is no evidence of wide reading

This means that you have made some attempted to provide evidence to meet the marking criteria.  However, it is too weak to substantiate your claims, or it is mostly irrelevant.  Furthermore, the connection of your evidence to the topic is weak and unsubstantiated and lacks theoretical support.  You are mostly descriptive.  There is little evidence of wide reading.

There is some evidence that you are meeting the criteria.  However, the links are tenuous and not convincing.  You are occasionally unable to substantiate your evidence.  There is insufficient theoretical support. There is a tendency for you to be descriptive with occasional analytical aspects. There is some evidence of wide reading.

Strong There is good evidence that you are meeting the criteria.  The links are good and often clear and mostly convincing.  Most of the evidence is substantiated and has theoretical support. You are mostly analytical with just rare occasions of descriptive narrative.  You have broad theoretical support and there is strong evidence of wide reading.  

There is excellent evidence.  The links are clear and concise.  Your claims are specific and emphatic and well supported by theory.  Your evidence is substantiated. You are analytical and have read widely.

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